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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States of causing the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, which killed possibly 200,000 people. Chavez believes the U.S. was testing a tectonic weapon... » »
Chavez Vs Usa, 01/21/10 5:41 PM

Poll Results on the citizen's perception of the international aid distribution Do you think that the Haitian victims are receiving the international aid money? Yes: 10% No: 89% Note... » »
Malanga, 02/03/10 9:41 PM

I hope that the story of Ms. Elizabeth Faraone is not accurate. Mayor Wilson Jeudi should have a suitable relocation alternative before he could ask the 12,000 earthquake victims to vacate from Saint Louis Gonzague... » »
Pierre F. Lherisson, 02/26/10 2:54 AM

I think we all missed that one. Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide, exiled in South Africa since 2004, said Friday he was ready to return to help rebuild the country in the wake of the devastating... » »
Aristide News, 08/09/10 11:52 PM

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush announce visit to earthquake-ravaged Haiti BY Samuel Goldsmith DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Thursday, March 18th 2010, 10:22 AM Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill... » »
The Dark Knight, 03/18/10 11:19 AM

Mr. President How do you answer to critic who said you are not confident enough to lead this country in the moment of crisis like the earthquake in Haiti. How can the Haitian who leave outside Haiti be more effective... » »
Fedner, 01/27/10 9:00 AM

I SAW your blog masacre video. i just found out us has been part of coup t'eta since 2004. OH,Mr. Preval...WHAT IN GOD"S NAME IS GOING ON THERE?...beyond the earthquake. I saw Russian and US Nays were around at time of... » »
Dee, 01/25/10 6:12 PM

Since the Haiti earthquake the relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic has improved greatly. Read the full article from the New York Times: Dominican Ties With Haiti Improve Neighbors' Relations Warm in... » »
Haiti Dominican News, 02/18/10 2:24 PM

Haitian president doesn't know where to go after the Haitian presidential palace and his homes are destroyed Watch the video of President Preval's first interview to CNN by Sanjay GuptaIf you have information or need... » »
Woodring, 01/14/10 11:09 AM

What happened to the people working in the palace? Why didn't they look for bodies there, but did so at other high profile places like the Hotel Montana and the Cathedral? If the palace was empty at the time the... » »
Nadege, 02/17/10 9:32 PM