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RE: Thing every Haitian should know about the Americans

This was good information by the way there is another websites that are as good as the one you have mentioned... more »

RE: The Haitian earthquake

In my opinion, either you didn't read the articles or you don't understand them. I am amazed at the size of your ego... more »

powerful earthquake 6.1 magnitude rattled Indonesia€™s North Maluku province

Source: news at Indonesia Earthquake April 24 2010 â€" Just moments ago a powerful... more »

Aerial vie of earthquake disaster in Japan on March 13 th 2011

Seven videos aerial view about the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11th 2011 more »

Strong earthquake south of the border felt acorss sout California & Arizona

Strong earthquake south of the border felt acorss southern California and Arizona THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sunday, April... more »

RE: The Haitian earthquake

Leuren Moret is a master self-promoter. There is money in talking about Haiti with HAARP so that is what she is doing... more »


What I saw of career military when I was in the US navy, I don't think they need to run the US or Haiti either one. US... more »

5.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Ottawa, Montreal

Rare earthquake shakes Ottawa, Montreal 24 mins ago OTTAWA (AFP) - A strong earthquake shook Ottawa and Montreal in... more »

RE: Cholera in Haiti is coinciding with the election: Lineup the usual suspects

I agree with you that Baker and Manigat are the Haitian Bourgeoisie's cards in the upcoming elections, but who cares... more »

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Afghan Kush

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Afghan Kush Published September 17, 2010 | Associated Press KABUL, AFGHANISTAN ... more »