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You need prove to show evidence what Chavez states about the earthquake that hits Haiti. Stop playing the mulatto's game conspiracy. Mulattoes in Haiti were drug traffickers and they had hijacked the Haitian... » »
Lionel Benjamin, 01/21/10 7:44 PM

Rene Preval speaks one week after the Haiti earthquake. Here are some quotes form an article by the Los Angeles Times: Haitian President Rene Preval had few answers to the many questions facing the head of a devastated... » »
Preval Haiti News, 01/20/10 4:12 PM

We must agree that the event of January 12, 2010 in Haiti was the worst in a series of tragedies ever to occur in this Caribbean Island. Sadly enough, as of this writing, weeks after the earthquake has wrecked the... » »
Edrys Erisnor, 02/09/10 12:53 PM

Rintintin, You just proved my point. Did I deny the stock pile of Haiti's natural resources? No! I knew about Haiti's pile of natural resources since I was growing up in Haiti. I mentioned it years ago manty times... » »
Tiba, 02/18/10 8:29 AM

The consul of Haiti in Brazil, George Samuel Antoine, told Brazilian TV network SBT that the earthquake that hit his country may have been caused by Voodoo. This guy is a serious embarrassment for himself and for... » »
Pierre F. Lherisson, 02/17/10 12:05 AM

Failure of Haitian Reconstruction Surfaces Again After Japan Earthquake By Stanley Lucas March 16, 2011 The failures of the earthquake rebuilding efforts have again surfaced in the wake of the tragic earthquake in... » »
Jean Marie Carre, 03/16/11 4:57 PM

7.2 quake hits South Pacific nation of Vanuatu WELLINGTON, New Zealand - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 rattled the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu early Friday, briefly triggering a tsunami... » »
The Dark Knight, 05/27/10 3:05 PM

He should be prosecuted for neglecting his people during the earthquake crisis. Do you think he cares about the Haitian people? No, he doesn't. » »
Affffdf, 01/18/10 8:59 PM

Hi, Mr president how are you doing? i would like to know how to get a passport in haiti? i know things are not right now but it' for my fiance, he applied for one already he went to pick it up the same of the... » »
Gigi, 01/27/10 4:51 PM

God was against corruption, political assassinations, lies, theft, kidnapping, racketeerian, mafia, prostitution, bluffs, political divisions, zombie check, kout poud, dlo mo, slave zombies, crimes and all kind of... » »
Jean Louis Ciboney, 02/01/10 12:32 AM