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RE: Hugo Chavez Accuses USA For Haiti Earthquake

You need prove to show evidence what Chavez states about the earthquake that hits Haiti. Stop playing the mulatto's... more »

Rene Preval speaks a week after Haiti Earthquake

Rene Preval speaks one week after the Haiti earthquake. Here are some quotes form an article by the Los Angeles Times... more »

Starting from scratch

We must agree that the event of January 12, 2010 in Haiti was the worst in a series of tragedies ever to occur in this... more »

RE: The Haitian earthquake

Rintintin, You just proved my point. Did I deny the stock pile of Haiti's natural resources? No! I knew about Haiti's... more »

Haitian consul in Brazil badmouthed Voodoo

The consul of Haiti in Brazil, George Samuel Antoine, told Brazilian TV network SBT that the earthquake that hit his... more »

Failure of Haitian Reconstruction Surfaces After Japan Earthquake S. Lucas

Failure of Haitian Reconstruction Surfaces Again After Japan Earthquake By Stanley Lucas March 16, 2011 The failures... more »

7.2 Earthquake strikes South Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu

7.2 quake hits South Pacific nation of Vanuatu WELLINGTON, New Zealand - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of... more »

RE: Preval must resign

He should be prosecuted for neglecting his people during the earthquake crisis. Do you think he cares about the... more »

about a passport

Hi, Mr president how are you doing? i would like to know how to get a passport in haiti? i know things are not right... more »

God Was Mad Against Haiti and Why?

God was against corruption, political assassinations, lies, theft, kidnapping, racketeerian, mafia, prostitution... more »