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RE: Tiba you are the idiot. This is an invasion not aid

Ale, The earthquake did not hit Dominican Republic at a 7.0. Cap-Haitian and many other parts of the country felt it... more »

RE: earthquake 7.4 magnitude strikes western Indonesia

Another earthquake again! I don't beleive that. If the Dark Knight is not fabricating those earthquake news he is the... more »

RE: The Haitian earthquake

Hi, Tiba: You can believe whatever you want about the HARRP technology but it seems to me that there is something you... more »

1492-2012: Mayan Prediction With Another Earthquake For Haiti...

Haiti is too populated and half of them will perish on the second earthquake that will occur before the installment of... more »

Opinions on the Earthquake in Haiti:Survey Results

Survey Results: Opinions on the Earthquake in Haiti Question: Are you satistfied with President Preval's... more »