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Toulimen,that is why we should farm Haiti again at any cost. American made farm tractor are too expensive to buy,we need Chinese made farm tractors and cultivators to start SAP. I am sure Thaiwan can help us with our... » »
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 04/26/11 7:37 PM

HITI NEWS; April 8, 2008 Violent protests against soaring food prices are not going to tip Haiti back into the political instability that has haunted it for decades, the Caribbean country's finance minister has said... » »
Claude, 04/08/08 5:41 PM

Mr. President I know your will understand my situation living in the US it's hell.I spend almost half of my life in living hell, now it's time for me to come home.July to Nov.thats three months I spend in my hometown... » »
Nirvard, 02/02/07 8:12 AM

Jerome Geevarghese, Don't flatter yourself so much. Jerome, I am a Haitian living in the United States and I work with a lot of Indians. I live among Indians every day and I interact with them every day. And believe me... » »
Tiba, 03/01/10 9:08 PM

Honorable Rene Preval, I am a Electrical Engineer located in New York and worked as a Cost Estimator in the WORLD TRADE CENTER PROJECT. I am willing to meet with you to discuss my expertise.I am in control of a 1... » »
Max Leclerc, 12/30/08 6:21 PM

AMI cargo in Hollywood Florida is giving away cargo shipping at an incredible low rate for air shipping. You bring it in and it goes out next day. I called and could not believe it, $1 per pound and it arrived next day... » »
Mimie, 10/09/09 9:58 AM

Yes also if we could heavily cultivate our agriculture like President Estime. Creating agricultutral unions guarneteeing jobs to many. And also ensuring that every child has bread in every department, city, and... » »
Brother L.k., 08/26/07 7:04 PM

I do hope that the government of Haiti and its people realize that all the money that they are getting from the international community is payable from the petroleum that Haiti is reported to have. They don't really... » »
Tatie, 03/18/08 2:59 PM

Why are you assuming that I don't want the school to be rebuilt. Why are you assuming that I want the camp to stay there permanently. Are you living in Haiti? If you are, you are completely out of touch with the great... » »
Elizabeth Faraone, 02/25/10 2:01 PM

Haiti not descending into instability says minister Reuters | Wednesday, 09 April 2008 CLICK HERE:UN: Food costs threaten Haiti stability CLICK HERE:1 Killed in Haiti Food Protests Tuesday April 8, 7:59 am ET By... » »
La Lionne, 04/08/08 5:50 PM