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Max I for one do not have the financial resources. Most Haitians living abroad are already supporting family members that are still living in Haiti, such as old grand parents, old uncles and aunts,even second and 3rd... » »
Flo, 09/27/07 12:53 PM

He does"nt get any of message on this websitr tis man care nothing about any one opion or haiti ask the so call goverment how huch it will cost to do the road in haiti and how long how much money they make a day in us... » »
Bigcoulou, 10/11/08 3:31 PM

True democratic nations with up stream's policies; celebrate the heartbeat of visions, because they understood that the cost of attempting to fix the air was never negotiable. » »
Montresor 2011, 10/13/10 4:22 PM

This is addressed to those who are living in Port-au-Prince. Please let me know what happened today to the people who are living at Saint-Louise de Gonzague. They were supposed to be removed by force today. Our news... » »
Elizabeth Faraone, 02/25/10 11:35 AM

It is so sad for me and all the Haitians living abroad learning the pain and the sufffering of our brothers and sisters living in Haiti. Haiti is moving backward day by day, the government is not working hard enough to... » »
Herve Belot, 07/05/08 12:38 PM

Harvey, These bloggers are understandably trying to protect their people of further unnecessary harm. It is a good step in wanting to test-drive your product. Universities are a good stepping stones. I would also... » »
Marjorie Middy, 01/08/11 4:28 PM

I like when you said that no Haitians should take the street and go die for that caca sovereignty or independence. No matter who is in power they are always starving. They should just keep on eating that rice provided... » »
Sbastian, 03/30/10 11:07 PM

Please Post all your economic ideas that would help lower the cost of living in Haiti on this forum. Send a check to a charity of your choice that is operating in Haiti.(they are on the internet click charity... » »
Lionne Club, 04/10/08 1:45 PM

preval you been to the usa in stayed for years you been around the world you getting old you already a million please give haiti a chance the goverment makes over 60million dollar a month on import why it only cost 28... » »
Mike Jones, 09/07/08 5:37 PM

Chris I am an Indian living in Haiti last 6 years married to a Haitian,two children a boy and a girl now family is in India.I am alone here,I have a scrap yard in haiti I export scrap Metal. Actually I am in the street... » »
Jerome Geevarghese, 03/01/10 8:35 PM