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Max's Challenge? No Can Do! No Financial Resource!

Max I for one do not have the financial resources. Most Haitians living abroad are already supporting family members... more »

RE: Another way of bringing solution

He does"nt get any of message on this websitr tis man care nothing about any one opion or haiti ask the so call... more »

The unattainable boogeyman policies by Montresor 2011

True democratic nations with up stream's policies; celebrate the heartbeat of visions, because they understood that... more »

RE: Eviction - Saint-Louis de Gonzague

This is addressed to those who are living in Port-au-Prince. Please let me know what happened today to the people who... more »

Help Save Haiti!

It is so sad for me and all the Haitians living abroad learning the pain and the sufffering of our brothers and... more »

RE: The dream, the vision, it is getting clearer

Harvey, These bloggers are understandably trying to protect their people of further unnecessary harm. It is a good... more »

RE: Time to stop the head game, no more meetings!!!

I like when you said that no Haitians should take the street and go die for that caca sovereignty or independence. No... more »

Postez Des Solutions économiques.Pour Haiti

Please Post all your economic ideas that would help lower the cost of living in Haiti on this forum. Send a check to a... more »

please leave

preval you been to the usa in stayed for years you been around the world you getting old you already a million please... more »


Chris I am an Indian living in Haiti last 6 years married to a Haitian,two children a boy and a girl now family is in... more »