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It is good to hear of your interest and I know others are interested also. Here is my suggestion to make this possible at reasonable cost. I have commercial pilots license but no aircarft and live in Daytona Beach... » »
Earl Wheby Jr, 11/15/09 1:11 PM

Using kerosene stoves in haiti sounds like a good idea but what will be the average monthly cost of using the kerosene stove in Haiti. Will using a kerosene stove be cheaper than using charbon? In order to us a... » »
Haitian American, 09/16/08 9:27 AM

Please post your ideas that can help lower the cost of living in Haiti on this blog. Send a check to a charity of your choice that is operating in Haiti.(they are on the internet Send them a monetary donation on a... » »
Lionne Club, 04/10/08 6:12 PM

Wilgeens, I think you have a very good business proposition there. Why didn't I think of that? I am, however, opposing to some parts of all the 3 points propositions of the operation you listed. I think it would be... » »
Tiba, 12/05/09 6:17 PM

look at Dominican Rep, the capital Santo Domingo, where human beings are living like human being, copare with Port-au-prince where pigs are living » »
El Caribeno, 01/29/09 4:52 PM

Who cares about those insipide French and their envoys. The problem my friend you care! Those bloodsuckers can say whatever they want with their split tongue like a snake. SSSS tell them to slither away please... » »
Flo, 09/26/07 9:54 PM

Retire overseas on $1,200 a month It's possible to live in luxury on a pauper's budget -- if you're willing to leave the US. Here are 5 places a Social Security check will buy a lifestyle that's at least comfortable... » »
Calixte, 07/10/10 2:27 PM

Nous Pouvons être positifs ou négatifs. Vous pouvez afficher tous vos idées économiques à ce forum qui baisseront les prix des denrées alimentaires, et qui amélioreront... » »
Lionne Club, 04/10/08 1:29 PM

We are Haitians living in usa, Europe, canada etc most of us would like to comeback or to visit for couples weeks or months but because all the choas, insecurity, kinapping etc we're all affraid to come home, would... » »
Richap, 01/11/07 4:33 PM

Nadege, Thank you for the concern you've showed. I left Haiti in 1964 & currently living in CA. plan on going to Haiti either in March or April depending on doctor's advice. When I go I will be either in Thomassin or... » »
Joe, 02/14/10 12:57 PM