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RE: Expait Haitians Unite to lead Haiti to new start

It is good to hear of your interest and I know others are interested also. Here is my suggestion to make this possible... more »

Kerosene Stoves In Haiti

Using kerosene stoves in haiti sounds like a good idea but what will be the average monthly cost of using the kerosene... more »

Post Economic Ideas For Haiti./Videos

Please post your ideas that can help lower the cost of living in Haiti on this blog. Send a check to a charity of your... more »

RE: ALL INVESTORS: We Are Open For Business!

Wilgeens, I think you have a very good business proposition there. Why didn't I think of that? I am, however, opposing... more »

RE: Comment les Etats-Unis ont appauvri Haiti

look at Dominican Rep, the capital Santo Domingo, where human beings are living like human being, copare with... more »

Did you say Rama the dog or the insipide Sarkozy?

Who cares about those insipide French and their envoys. The problem my friend you care! Those bloodsuckers can say... more »

Ecuador Uses U.S. Currency As an Independent Country, why not Haiti?

Retire overseas on $1,200 a month It's possible to live in luxury on a pauper's budget -- if you're willing to leave... more »

Arrtez Les Accusations Postez idées économiques

Nous Pouvons être positifs ou négatifs. Vous pouvez afficher tous vos idées économiques à ce... more »

Mr the president

We are Haitians living in usa, Europe, canada etc most of us would like to comeback or to visit for couples weeks or... more »

RE: Bill Clinton and Haiti's Syrian/Lebanon Elites

Nadege, Thank you for the concern you've showed. I left Haiti in 1964 & currently living in CA. plan on going to Haiti... more »