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I read you post and i'm amazed by so many different opinion i got to say i love the diversity. now let's start discussing solutions cause the problems are so enormous that they will cloud our mind they will keep us... » »
Wil, 09/15/08 5:29 PM

Hello all, I was so happy and surprised to discover this blog about Tortuga island in Haiti. I myself started a website about the island 2 years ago with interesting links about the history, the past projects and more... » »
Thierry M., 09/16/07 7:03 PM

hi, my plans have been in motion since the early 80's: manage to convince most teenages in the neighborhood to finish high school, volunteer for Brother of Christian Instruction alphabetization program, supporting... » »
Rft, 12/23/08 10:47 PM

Mr. Peters you are a man of vision. The Haitian Diaspora should certainly send their relatives back to cultivate the land. I already sent two of mine back to work the land in Grand Goave and grow crops (cash crop... » »
Rubens F. Titus, 03/08/08 1:32 AM

The way Haiti is right now, I don't think the prime minister is the right person for Haiti in 2011. The Preval/Alelexis' government is not deliver. We need a president who will deliver. The only thing this government... » »
Michel Louis, 02/11/08 1:09 PM

Vous pouvez afficher tous vos idées économiques à ce forum qui baisseront les prix des denrées alimentaires, et qui amélioreront l'économie d'Haïti. Envoyer une contribution... » »
Lionne Club, 04/10/08 1:45 PM

Living in America: Worst experience in my whole life. With no layer of my own, no nationality community of my own, no people who speak my language in a country,so that's what they call a country of democracy or... » »
Jean P, 08/01/09 11:25 PM

The haitian constitution should be amended to allow Haitians living abroad to have double citizenship. It's clear that haitians living abroad play a vital role in helping keep Haiti afloat financially. We should be... » »
Jean, 09/08/08 1:32 AM

I agree with most of your assertions and I would add that greed, ignorance and selfishness brought the world to its knees. If the world was filled with several Castros, it would be a better place for all of us to... » »
Toulimen Legrand, 03/28/11 6:41 PM

President Rene Preval thinks Agriculture in Haiti is more important than factory jobs. What do you think? Here is a clip from an article posted on"In the aftermath of massive protests in April against the high cost... » »
Topic Starter, 09/15/08 3:01 PM