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Dear Mr President, I'm writing a communty development plan for Saint Michel de l'Atalaye which will include a community Campus with: 1- A school (regular and training school) 2- A health Center 3- A Church 4- A... » »
Sheila Charles, 06/03/09 8:19 AM

A little reduction of the inflation is good news for whom? Last time I checked the population was still suffering with high cost of living in a country where employment doesn't exist. It is always the job of the... » »
Bwakajou, 02/26/07 7:23 PM

The "N" word can cost you a lot, my brother. It can cost you your house, car (s), your flat-screen TV's, your bank account (s) and even time in jail. If I were you, I would not have used it. The "N" word is derogatory... » »
Justin Mondesir, 10/19/10 7:48 PM

"Is the Haitian Government communicating to those of us living abroad.... how do we find out on projects, developments that are taking place in Haiti? In period of crisis, Who speaks on behalf of the Haitian Government... » »
Haitian American, 09/17/08 8:14 AM

Hi Woodring,i don't know how long has it been since you left Haiti but for now on things are very complicated,everybody doesn't want the president to waive his magic wand cause no body haitian can do things for Haiti... » »
Jean Max, 04/10/08 11:12 PM

That was page one of the New York Times read page 2 as well. I am staying out of the sad thing called politics. Politics do not put food on the table, nor pay for my tuition or cost of living. Happy reading: click here... » »
Claude, 03/25/08 6:28 PM

Hey Jynee, Everything you described is called "Corporate Welfare." And you right, Haitians are willing and always ready to satify the white man system at all cost and they are cool with that. Unfortunately, Haitians... » »
Tiba, 04/26/11 8:31 PM

Doc, Would you agree that the greatest sin of all is "adultry", according to the bible? And the second greatest sin, according to the bible, is "remarry" if your ex is still alive? Rev. Dr. Elie, if you are currently... » »
Tiba, 07/26/08 9:59 AM

Does anyone hear or watch the US-Government jamming all the news outlets calling on Americans to avoid Jamaica at all cost due to this drugs war going on currently in Jamaica? But someone should ask why not! Imagine if... » »
Tiba, 05/24/10 3:44 PM

Living Spiritually means loving yourself and believing enough in God to fully give yourself permission to do extremely well. Struggling may be what your parents did when you were a young, but now as an adult, that has... » »
Godisinallofus, 04/03/08 1:39 AM