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Haiti's president nominates adviser, friend as PM Mon May 26, 2008 12:28am EDT By Joseph Guyler Delva PORT-AU-PRINCE, May 26 (Reuters) - Haitian President Rene Preval nominated his longtime friend and adviser Robert... » »
Will Rosenberg, 05/26/08 1:10 AM

Mr.Smith a Haitian born Invester has star Port St.Luis du nor but he just doesn't have any support to complete the project it will cost about 5.4 Million. The port in PAP is very expensive in camperation to DR because... » »
Jean Batiste, 02/07/07 3:29 PM

That is not true we have a good Haitian leader up there some where ready to help if only the Diasporas will recognize that great leadership cost. We are setting around rambling and inhaling our own smokes instead of... » »
Fremzolove2be, 04/26/08 4:04 PM

Tiba, what is about you? I would like to know what planet you are living in. Your statements have always testified about your very poor human quality. You have the same political view as the 19th century haitian... » »
Kiki, 02/15/10 8:26 PM

Resistance from Haitians,living in Haiti, who oppose/want/plan to oppose Double Nationality (Double Nationalite) for Haitians living outside Haiti is ( or may be ) BASED ON:"JALOUSIE" and "SELFISHNESS". » »
Antonio Pinchinat, 01/28/09 8:26 AM

Ablerooster, Please get a grip to yourself, will you? I knew all along you were not a white men and you were not far from some kind of Haitian descent, but just couldn't put my finger on it. Ablerooster, there are tons... » »
Tiba, 02/15/11 6:23 AM

To catch a "lougawou" in Haiti, one had to deal with leaves, prayers, and some chemicals products. But to catch a "Gwo Lougawou" modern, I went to university. I took the right courses, and I picked the right major. On... » »
Lavaud Desmoulins, 06/17/10 8:37 PM

Why most people in the Haitian government and outside the governmental show extravaganza and are thirsty for luxuries. As soon they get a governmental job, they buy expensive clothes,expensive cars,expensive houses... » »
Voice Of Reason., 04/12/10 12:15 AM

I am a Lionne in charge of typing for the day. I noticed your comment Mak. I would like to take a minute to answer. One of our members felt since the insecurity seems to be emerging from the Bidonvilles, they have to... » »
Lionne, 01/10/08 1:39 PM

You are Lazarus, but you need to wake up. Why don't you show some form of sanity in your writing. Why are you using common wisedom and propaganda as a way to show as if there were some mass behind your thoughts. This... » »
Louinel Jean, 04/18/08 8:06 PM