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I repensent Applied Wizdome, We have a Product that we believe will help sovle the housing isseus.We would need to clear land in order that to save cost to the people of Haiti and on said land we would manufacture... » »
Embassy Sovereign Soul, 02/06/10 10:29 PM

DRC has already landed to Haiti within 36hrs after the quake also have imported machineries and i think have given subcontract to a Dominican company.Ashbritt is waiting for the answer. They get enough machinories from... » »
Jerome Geevarghese, 03/01/10 5:56 PM

Yes two sisters: one is beautifull, the orther is ugly. One is nice to live with, the orther is like a gheto, One is clean, the orther is durty. One is a city the orther is a huge bidon ville full of garbage. Santo... » »
El Caribeno, 01/29/09 5:16 PM

You misunderstood my post. Not fly "experts" to Haiti but "expats" (expatrates) which is say people who were born there or lived and worked there but are now living elsewhere. I believe it is the expats who will become... » »
Earl Wheby Jr, 11/16/09 9:50 AM

You may end up having to return to Haiti NOW because with the demise of the U.S. financial system there is huge demand to get rid of all illegals and if you are living here as illegal and have to go to the hospital or... » »
Rkgs, 09/08/09 3:56 AM

I'm writing a communty development plan for Saint Michel de l'Atalaye which will include a community Campus with: 1- A school (regular and training school) 2- A health Center 3- A Church 4- A convalescence and assisted... » »
Sheila Charles, 06/03/09 8:07 AM

Port fees or taxes call it whatever you wish, it amounts to the same thing; People do have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to ship goods intoo haiti and those fees are passed on to the Haitian people specially... » »
Lionne, 04/03/08 3:58 PM

Mistakes could cost the Diasporas its sunshine people The 2010n election could cost the Haitian Diasporas a great defeat that can never regain. "Le temps perdu n'a jamais ratrappe" Lets be the early birds who... » »
Voum Voum To Haiti, 12/03/09 10:37 PM

I recently visited Haiti and I noticed how quiet the country was. It is really a big step for your Administration when it comes to deal with security of this nation. I want to congratulate you for that. (I knew you... » »
Dougherty Cadet, 09/22/07 7:12 AM

Preval and all the senators know very well that The Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis has nothing to do with high cost of living in Haiti and around the world. It is clearly a complot of Preval and a hand full of... » »
Jocelyn Jean, 04/15/08 12:56 AM