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For me that isn't nothing because it is time for the country has a new face,all the old leaders don't thing for the country only for their pocket.Now we need a new haiti with jobs for all youngs haitians and it is time... » »
Berthauny Bernard, 07/06/09 8:19 PM

Mr Clinton took a great political risk by vouching for Haiti when practically everyone have giving up on us. We can't be so blind with pride that when the door of opportunity opens we failed to walk in. It could be... » »
Taylor Laguerre, 07/03/09 10:06 PM

m ta swetec bill clinton di on pawol pou haiti » »
Ericka, 03/10/09 1:19 PM

Hey you, Is Clinton Haitian? Is Preval an American? Please tell us what Patriotic mean? » »
Montresor 2011, 08/20/10 3:43 PM

what's up man, I'm glad I can find this possibility to talk about my country, so let's talk about reality, don't talk about profanity, because it's time for Haiti stand up, even some Haitians people don't want it, but... » »
Djoe, 07/18/09 1:40 PM

I hope that they are taking care business and get things done for the benefits of the country. That is whole point of Mr Clinton being back there. I need to see pictures of real construction sites and real investments... » »
Jc, 10/08/09 10:20 AM

El caribeno With all due respect, you got me more confused than ever. I really cannot make any sense of what you just said in regard to my questions. The first question was: When you said 70% of Haitians live like... » »
Tiba, 05/24/09 3:23 PM

Bill Clinton does not represent America in Haiti. You will not see him guarded by US marines soldiers. You will not see him run in/out the US embassy; You might see him very well guarded by UN soldiers and those tanks... » »
The Dark Knight, 07/06/09 8:57 PM

Vous etes hors contexte et vous avez utilise le mauvais reseau pour acclamer Bill Clinton comme president de la republique d'Haiti. Ecrivez a U.S. Congress pour leur faire part de vos commentaires... » »
Jean-marie, 08/12/10 9:33 PM

Why the haitian people doesn't vote for Bill Clinton for president? He has five years specialy for Haiti. » »
Hans, 08/11/10 9:56 PM