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well, I think that Tiba might be right.. Mr. Clinton had been president for 8 years and did not do anything to help streghten our economy or forgive some of our debt. If he had the opportunity to make things happend... » »
Gerald, 05/19/09 9:19 AM

Here is a photo of President Bill Clinton in Haiti. Bill Clinton is now the UN Special Envoy to Haiti » », 07/05/09 7:00 PM

President Bill Clinton is one of the good guys. If you think of all the countries that could have used this great mans expertise how totally wonderful he has chosen Haiti. Gives one hope, it surely does. Barbara from... » »
B.j. Murphy-bridge, 07/02/09 7:44 PM

Max Mills You said "I am deeply moved to see my president Preval has finally accepted the fact that" is not every white man is your ennemy nor every black is your brother." I don't want to rain in parade but I think... » »
Tiba, 07/10/09 6:11 PM

Mezvinsky Family as known as Mezv in Haiti is now connected to Marc Mevzvinsky who is Chelsea Clinton's new husband. Now, people should know why Bill Clinton is so connected with the Mezv Family. This family was the... » »
Charlie, 07/31/10 10:17 PM

Master, Sorry to inform you that it is not and will not be the job/responsibility of the slave master, Hillary Clinton to put in place a minimum wage for Haitian workers, it is and will be the job of the house slave... » »
Tiba, 04/20/09 9:38 PM

Zac, You're right on target not one foreigner will be at Haiti's best interest because it was under Bill Clinton Haiti suffers the hardest "AMBAGO" and we are still under "AMBAGO" Only Haitians can... » »
Banjo, 07/08/09 3:45 PM

Tiba, Just enjoy that rice and bean.I just wished you could share with us. It is not certain where that event is currently taking place. Personnally Haiti would be a perfect landscape... As far as Bill Clinton mission... » »
Gros-mornes, 06/25/09 12:07 PM

Hey Charles, May be I am a die hard optimist. When there is a will, there is a way. I do not know about you. but me I am very stubborn I will see this issue to its very end. Heroism is not what I had in mind when I saw... » »
Bernadete S., 05/19/10 1:11 PM

AMENNNNN finally people are starting to know the truth. Bill n Hiliary are responsible for the way haiti is. No one EVER mentions how they along with hiliary's brother own the assests of the phone company teleco... » »
Kat, 05/03/10 11:19 PM