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Listen to what Bill Clinton and Hillary clinton have to say about Haiti.Post comments onFollow me on Twitter » »
Obama Louverture, 04/19/09 1:04 PM

I think Bill Clinton helping Haiti will be great if the many greedy idiots who run the country now don't mislead him into doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. I do think that Clinton is a very shrewd... » »
Linda, 07/04/09 12:23 AM

I hope Bill Clinton, is the only person who is responsible for this 355 millions. hopefully he wont get Preval involved because he is a crook. keep our so called Government away from that monies. because those Greedy... » »
Rza, 07/05/09 12:30 PM

I do not any problem, whatsoever, with that. What ever the possible excuses we can use, we have been mooving backwards for too long. Our clinics and hospitals have no supplies; our streets are filty where garbages are... » »
Barevoleyo, 07/07/09 8:51 AM

Why were you not equally upset about the mission of armed Minustah in Haiti. At least Clinton brings his knowledge, fame and prestige to the national palace. We had nothing going for us before that. » »
Sansprobleme, 07/06/09 8:03 PM

Way to go Mr President. I always know that Bill Clinton is a true Black man from the inside even when his skin color is different in the outside... May God continue to bless Mr President... » »
Tony, 07/03/09 6:57 AM

Great commitment from Clinton I applaud his willingness,But it appears less action on both sides haitian community and international communities.If we really need investment from foreign countries we should renounce to... » »
Solidarity International, 07/05/09 1:32 PM

Zac, Please do me a favor, will you? Stop rationalize with this people about Bill Clinto mission in Haiti if you don't your blood pressure to go up to the roof. Since the appointment of Clinto as "Special envoy" to... » »
Tiba, 07/11/09 2:43 PM

Despite our ugly economic environment,Bill Clinton will increased Haiti popularity in the business world,and make life easier for Haitians by bringing strong investor to Haiti. » »
Tony St Festin, 05/19/09 5:05 PM

Former President Clinton has been named as UN special envoy to haiti. I'm curious to see whether he will have a positive impact on the development of haiti. » »
Zac, 05/18/09 5:52 PM