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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Haiti on Thursday to talk about how to promote stability. The State Department said Clinton, who arrives in Haiti on Thursday morning, would meet President Rene Preval to... » »
Site Topic, 04/16/09 12:27 AM

Well, let see, nay! it will be samo, samo! What does that mean to be "the special envoy?" What would be his mission/role exactly as a special envoy? Clinton was presdident and the only thing he did for the fanatic and... » »
Tiba, 05/19/09 8:44 AM

Bill Clinton is a good man. His wife likes Haiti also. I would like to see Eliott Spitzer play a role in the finance Department in Haiti to help in the investigation of corruption,money laundering because he has... » »
Herve, 04/22/10 10:39 PM

Gerald I always believe that Haiti Quisqueya or bohio better know as "Haiti Thomas" will some day rise from the ashes, maybe not in our lifetime, like you said, but maybe our great great grand child will live it. I... » »
Tiba, 05/19/09 10:11 AM

Clinton and Obama disco dance Parade of the... » »
Lionne, 06/12/08 2:03 AM

yes! i agree will bill clinton,because haiti needs a second governor mwen mille fois d'accord » »
Line, 07/06/09 1:57 PM

What 2 heads?? If Clinton is in the Haitian palace, that means there's still just one head...that is unless some other thinking individual joined Clinton to lead Haiti and no one told us about it... » »
Linda, 07/06/09 1:20 PM

..I am so content that Bill Clinton will come to Haiti... and to never give money to preval.... » »
Beauzier Jude, 07/03/09 12:53 PM

look at them, they are waiting for some body come to do something for them, but they don't know if they put their head to getter They can do more than that, I know Mr: Bill Clinton can help them, but if they put their... » »
Djoe, 07/09/09 11:24 PM

Former president Bill Clinton will begin a three-day mission Monday to ensure the world delivers on a $335 million pledge too Haiti. The pledge was made at a donor conference in Washington. Clinton said he would... » »
Clinton Haiti News, 07/02/09 6:42 PM