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RE: President Preval Drives President Clinton

I think it's cool to see two presidents, president preval and president clinton, taking a drive in Haiti. I am sure... more »

RE: President Preval Drives President Clinton

Hello I think it's a disgrace to see that our seating president in office drove mr. Clinton. Where is the protocol??... more »

RE: Bill Clinton and Wyclef Visit Haiti

Bill Clinton is doing marathon for his foundation may be it is in that aim that he is accompanies Wyclef jean. Clinton... more »

RE: Clinton wants his Haiti Office in Palais National

I agrre with you that two heads are better than one except the second head is a former US President, Bill Clinton. You... more »

RE: The Clinton news about Preval does not sound good

Look at who is talking, about Organizing. Pwesidan Clinton se yon politisian pwen final... Charlot CXhalemagne. more »

Bill Clinton to the rescue in Haiti

Hopes are running high that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's appointment of former President Bill Clinton as... more »

Bill Clinton is in the Hospital Bad for Haiti

Former President Bill Clinton is in the hospital, He just had a heart procedure, they say he has been under a lot of... more »

RE: Blill Clinton: I Do Not Want That To know Who I Am and What I Want- Jean Pe

Presidan Bill Clinton Konnen sa li vle. Pou ki lè li vle. Ki jan lape fè li. Li se yon politisian, Anyen... more »

RE: Gwo Lorbeyyy! Clinton' s office in Palais National

Je ne pense pas que Bill Clinton est le meilleur Choix pour Haiti, et il n'a pas le droit d'avoir son bureau dans le... more »

Bill Clinton and Wyclef Visit Haiti

former U.S. President Bill Clinton will be in Haiti today and tomorrow along with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon... more »