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I think it's cool to see two presidents, president preval and president clinton, taking a drive in Haiti. I am sure they are surrounded by heavy security and this is something that President Bill Clinton will never... » »
Ti Mal, 07/10/09 8:16 AM

Hello I think it's a disgrace to see that our seating president in office drove mr. Clinton. Where is the protocol??? on top of that he looked very happy about it... Mr Preval should be aware that he is still the... » »
Carlos, 07/18/09 10:01 AM

Bill Clinton is doing marathon for his foundation may be it is in that aim that he is accompanies Wyclef jean. Clinton does not have a bad sight for Haiti eventhough they never did nothing serious to help haiti improve... » »
Alserde Emile, 03/09/09 10:41 AM

I agrre with you that two heads are better than one except the second head is a former US President, Bill Clinton. You don't have a problem with that » »
Kouzen, 07/06/09 6:00 PM

Look at who is talking, about Organizing. Pwesidan Clinton se yon politisian pwen final... Charlot CXhalemagne. » »
Charlot Charlemagne, 07/14/10 4:26 PM

Hopes are running high that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's appointment of former President Bill Clinton as special envoy to Haiti is the first step in laying the groundwork for improving conditions in Haiti. It... » »
St Petersburk Times, 05/31/09 9:07 AM

Former President Bill Clinton is in the hospital, He just had a heart procedure, they say he has been under a lot of pressure becuase of the Haiti relief efforts. I think the hospitalization of Bill Clinton bad news... » »
Bad News, 02/11/10 5:14 PM

Presidan Bill Clinton Konnen sa li vle. Pou ki lè li vle. Ki jan lape fè li. Li se yon politisian, Anyen ankò. Charlot Charlemagne Nèg Gwo-Mòn nan Latibonit konfraternite at » »
Charlot Charlemagne, 07/14/10 4:16 PM

Je ne pense pas que Bill Clinton est le meilleur Choix pour Haiti, et il n'a pas le droit d'avoir son bureau dans le palais National. Je ne le fais pas confiance. Si'l vous plait lisez cela » »
Francky, 07/09/09 1:28 AM

former U.S. President Bill Clinton will be in Haiti today and tomorrow along with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in an effort to focus attention on problems in Haiti. Wyclef Jean will be traveling along with... » »
Haiti In The News, 03/09/09 9:21 AM