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You are absolutely right, but the allegations were proven WRONG!! They were not substantiated. Like I said, nobody is above the law. But to bring up subject matters that are dead and untrue is also wrong. Yes... » »
Jalamaral, 10/17/10 5:33 PM

Bill Clinton Puts Influential Muscle Behind Agricultural Production in Haiti » »
Regine, 09/05/10 11:33 AM

What should Preval do now since he got fired?What is his current title. Does he have to wait till 2011 to make an exit? Is Clinton going to hold an election for his successor. Is he going to have a successor. Is there... » »
Gera Bougui, 05/25/09 7:41 PM

What ever you said keep Bill Clinton name out of it. He is not a bad guy. Duvalier had syrian on his macoutic group such as Jean Kouri. The Arabs are equally racist. Observe their attitudes vis a vis the Black... » »
Mohammed Abdul Lacrachaka, 06/22/10 9:16 PM

A lot of people are so excited about Bill Clinton going to Haiti; it's as if they think he's going to solve all of Haiti's problems. As an American citizen I have great respect and admiration for Bill Clinton I think... » »
Zac, 07/08/09 3:23 PM

By reading the comments, I realise poeple on this blog don't have a clear idea over the mission of Bill Clinton, they don't have the sens of that mission.First it is not a glorious position for Haiti by the fact Hiti... » »
El Caribeno, 05/23/09 1:54 PM

Clinton will have also a an extra VIP room in the subbasement to teach Monica Lowenski to play Webert Sicot Cadence Rempas with the saxophone while he will be playing the harmonica. This duo will broadcast their music... » »
Samuel Cedras, 04/01/10 10:19 AM

It is difficult to presume, if Bill and Hillary Clinton were sincere or not.The smartest thing to do, i suppose, is to wait and see what will happen. And then, we can judge based on what we see. So, if they do keep... » »
Ferdinand Francois, 04/25/09 1:32 AM

The Clinton Global Initiative provides a grant to the Mattapan Technology Learning Center for a 10 weeks Project Management Program for Haiti's NGO.That program will be hosted by the Mattapan Technology Learning Center... » »
Marie Alice Covington, 11/10/09 7:38 PM

Hello, I live in Quebec city, Province of Quebec, Canada. Most people here like very much Bill Clinton. I hope you keep collaborating with him. I myself sponsor little girls in Haiti through World Vision. I rejoice... » »
Yves Bergeron, 04/22/10 9:54 PM