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La voix du peuple c'est la voix de Dieu. Vox Deum et Vox Populi. Tout le peuple d'Haiti reclame le retour d'Aristide et tous les journalistes Haitiens vous diront qu'Aristide est le seul homme fort d'Haiti. Les gens... » »
Leostene, 07/29/10 11:04 AM

Sorry that I don't know much about politics in general, and Haitian politics in specific, but through the reading of some Web sites it seems to me that the american government is opposed to the return of Aristide in... » »
Apollo, 02/10/11 1:43 PM

You are nothing but a slave who eagerly feed into the propaganda perpetrated by the neo-colonists. Aristide was the ONLY president who was willing to move Haiti and her people forward. Aristide's accomplishments are... » »
Nadege, 02/08/10 4:33 PM

I just want to rectify my mistakes,i'm sorry that i didn't read my post."It's easy to know our leaders.Mr.Aristide has been accused of lot things but i don't think that he's a bad person... » »
Llyod, 07/03/07 5:18 PM

Aristide must stay in Africa till he dies. Because he is one of the responsibles of the lack of institutionality in Haiti. » »
Kiki, 06/05/10 10:40 PM

Dirty cop,are you sure? you are not the boy that Aristide molested? I can never work for a bastard like Aristide,not in this life. Go to the nearest donut shop. » »
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 05/01/11 8:38 PM

I think this guy is still an Aristide tchoul, every move he makes is to please Aristide and his fans he can't wait for bush term to be over,for the UN to get out of Haiti so he can leave the door wide open for aristide... » »
Duel, 09/28/06 12:33 AM

Aristide should give back to Haiti the 500millions in dollars that he stole from the people. Preval stopped a court case against Aristide in Miami Florida. Why is he talking in terms of gourdes while Haiti needs... » »
M. Lazarus, 04/11/08 12:34 PM

UNICEF is another reliable agency to donate money for Haiti on the Web. Aristide was today on CNN and he said he wants to come back to Haiti. He wants the Haitian people to move from misery to poverty with dignity... » »
Philippe, 01/15/10 10:15 PM

I am in full agreement for Aristide's return, Jean-Claude's return, etc...I am also in full agreementfor Preval and his family to stay in Haiti. I agree 1000% at the notion to a complete and total END of Exile as... » »
Tba, 03/18/11 3:10 PM