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I sorry Mr. the president if I answer this question for you. in the message the writter explained how he feels about the exil of Mr. Aristide. I want to tell him that you are not responsible for his exil and you always... » »
Joseph Felio Junior, 07/28/07 2:54 AM

There is no coming back for Aristide. The diaspora made a terrible mistake to have President Clinton to bring him back to Haiti. No more coming going back for Aristide. Aristide is done. If there is any place farther... » »
Mohamad Hu, 04/28/08 2:59 AM

Mr. the president I agree with the guy who ask you to bring Aristide back to Haiti, but I think we have important things to do,so if you have time at the end of your term you can briefly talk about him, because he... » »
Joseph Felio Junior, 07/28/07 2:35 AM

There is nothing else to add. We need to respect this expression of free speech. We may disagree with the author but we need to appreciate the facts he brought to light. This is the only way we can avoid repeating the... » »
Trebu Patriote, 05/07/09 10:23 PM

Aristide is against the masses of the people, he was using the people to get what he wanted thanks God for the Catholic Church who rose him and gave him a partial education just to become a dictator and anarchist... » »
Former Lavalas, 05/23/10 6:31 PM

look *am not against the return of aristide he has the right to return to his country like any body else but he should have patiant he should ask himself that if my return to haiti will do more harm than good he should... » »
Lautre Niveau, 03/13/11 9:31 AM

Yet, Aristide still the only Haiti president probably the whole word respect based on the way he caries himself, and how he can talk publicly without degrading own country and Haitian people. Fact is: Most Haitian... » »
Jean Pe, 03/22/11 1:20 AM

Shame on you. President Aristide was elected by 70% of the People. People like you never give Haiti a chance. President Aristide was only President for the first 7 Month if you remember things was going well. » »
Hanz Laurence, 01/27/09 5:55 PM

If you keep holding on to the past you cannot enter the future. Haiti went from papa doc to baby doc From Aristide to Aristide From Preval to Preval and now we want to move from Preval to baby doc or Aristide again... » »
Duvalier Need-2-repent, 10/11/08 6:22 PM

If Aristide is not a coward man he should return to Haiti like Manigat. Aristide and Duvalier are coward men and that is why they are still in exile. If they were from Haiti like Manigat they would return with no visa... » »
Sylvain Jean Louis, 11/25/10 4:14 PM