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You don't know what you're talking about. If Aristide was who you described him to be, him unlike the Duvalier regime which stayed in power with the help of Americans for nearly 3 decades, would have been in power... » »
Nadege, 02/13/10 4:04 AM

Aristide sera en Haiti le 07 Fevrier 2011 pour ouvrir son universite et aussi restaurer son parti politique Fanmi Lavalas, l'un des partis politiques le plus fort et populaire en Haiti.Vive Aristide et bon retour... » »
Samba, 09/03/10 11:10 PM

Tiba, the Haitian poor will stop asking for Aristide as soon as they have a leader who really cares what happens to them. They are asking for Aristide now just because Preval has made no effort whatsoever to improve... » »
Linda, 07/16/09 1:08 PM

DUVAVALIER WAS A GOOD PRESIDENT MORE THAN ARISTIDE AND PREVAL he was a clean guy for haiti aritide done more crime than duvalier why people allover the wolrd don't see that even haitian people who live and proverty... » »
Roosevelt Dor, 01/28/11 7:48 PM

Please!!! be more open up when talking about Haiti and, maybe if we talk about the things that we are uncomfortable to when referring to Hati, maybe Haiti and Haitian people may finally find real freedom. SO, WHY SAY... » »
Jp, 02/12/11 4:00 PM

Job, 11/16/10 11:02 PM

Tiba, I agree with pretty much everything you said. But there's something that you and most other Haitians didn't seem to pick up on with Aristid's speech. If you listen closely at what Aristide said, you will notice... » »
Linda, 03/19/11 5:36 PM

That photo looks like it was corrected by computer software dude. Look at the man's face. His facial skin is way lighter than the rest of his body. Plus, look at the position of his face. You can truly tell the... » »
Miggy, 11/10/09 8:00 AM

Aristide should do like Manigat. He does not need the United States to make him return to Haiti. He should return and the people in the Cite Soleil will provide him security. Aristide se toro pa gen toro ki ka kontre... » »
Michoue, 04/16/10 2:08 AM

Aristide should apologize the the haitian peoplel for being a thief and a drug dealer when they elected a priest. God will severely judge aristide. Why you do not follow him where he is? HE WILL NEVER RETURN TO HAITI... » »
Gaston, 03/20/10 4:02 PM