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RE: Aristide Did Not Steal Anything You Gullible Slave

People who denied that Aristide did not steal, are in denial or are stupid. or are in the same team that were dealing... more »

RE: Duvalier And Aristide Were Great Leaders Until Their Departure

Aristide was a great CHARISMATIC leader. Let Aristide heats Haiti's pavement, thousands will flock to him. more »

RE: Comment les Etats-Unis ont appauvri Haiti

Lloyd I support part of your message. I was there in the 70s when Haiti was the pearl of the islands and the Haitian... more »

RE: Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

Petrus: A CIA agent is someone defending Americas and foreign interests in Haiti. Is Jean Bertrand Aristide CIA? 1... more »


Je suis completement en accord avec tout que tu as dit. Aristide est vres voleur, bandit et kadejake. He needs to stay... more »

RE: Donkey mouth Aristide, whom start sending people to kill .

Aristide has capability of all the bad thing:big thing,small thing,grie ti bebe pou pouvoi,killing,everything bad is... more »

Aristide is the savior of Haiti

Those that don't like Aristide are getting paid by foreign enemies of Haiti or are politically immature.Aristide is on... more »

RE: Aristide Did Not Steal Anything You Gullible Slave

I am siding with Nadege. Aristide is not a thief.The Americans,the Canadians and the French are the ones that are... more »

RE: Updates on Haiti-Aristide was on CNN

Shut up don't know what you are saying. Speaking of speech, isn't for that reason you think Obama is a smart... more »

RE: Haiti: Jean Bertrand Aristide Et Les Occupants De Chez Nous

Mr. Makanda, The people are not against Ex-President Aristide, against a man that will set you on fire under his tire... more »