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Do not put Aristide in this CRAP because Aristide was subjected to an embargo by the AmerRequins because he was not willing to let them and the tiny elite in Haiti to keep the majority of the Haitian in extreme poverty » »
Petit Soldat Revolutionai, 04/13/11 1:31 PM

Dear Rosy It appears that you are a confused person. My name is Lakou Lakay not Aristide. In fact I never met Aristide or see him in person. I saw his picture in the media and I read some of his books. Aristide is... » »
Lakou Lakay, 06/13/10 10:56 PM

Aristide ou la mort veut dire que Aristide trouvera sa mort en Haiti comme Roger Lafontant. Il est temps pour Aristide et Marise Narcisse abandonnent le terrain politique; vu que les situations precedentes prouvent... » »
Robert M. St Fleur, 08/15/10 10:54 PM

Richelle,There is a big difference between Osama and Aristide,Preval and other punks in Haiti. My comment is clear. Osama has a purpose regardless of his derange believes.Aristide and Preval they purpose is unknown to... » »
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 05/03/11 8:31 AM

saying aristide was a criminal is like saying more than 90% of haiti are criminals. well you have the right to your own opinion,you can hate aristide, that doesn't change the fact that more than half of the population... » »
Jules, 08/03/07 5:28 PM

yes president aristide need go back to haiti.bcause he is haitian aristide was a good president and smart one.that raison why you don't like him that to bad aristide will be in haiti soon » »
Laguerre, 02/20/11 2:30 AM

F!!! Aristide and F U 2 man. It was that Ti voleur who brought the foreigners to our soil in the first place and he used the chimeres as his personal death squad. To add insult to injury he got rid of the army and... » »
Reginald, 02/26/08 2:59 PM

Aristide pat jam rinnin okin poor.Aristide play smart with the poor just to get where he wanted to be.First of all,aristide was a poor guy who had dream to become haiti's president.As you know the haitian system,you... » »
Richelle, 04/18/11 8:08 AM

Nadege, Please stop the nonsense. Aristide was nothing but a big opportunist who was using the love, the support, and the admiration the Haitin people had for him to get himself rich. Aristide cared about one thing and... » »
Tiba, 02/13/10 7:56 PM

President Preval we voted for you because we taught you were going to sign for Ex President Aristide to come back to Haiti it's time that you sign his papers President Aristide can no longer stayed in exile,we still... » »
Han Laurence, 04/13/08 12:46 PM