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Le Parlement: Retour Aux Anciennes Pratiques

On se croyait à un nouveau tournant dans la vie politique haitienne. On croyait révolu le temps où... more »

Le Retour des Forces Armées d'Haiti

Vous faites erreur. Les forces armées d'Haiti doivent être reinstituées. L'existence de l'armée... more »

Reality check in Haiti

You need to check the news in Haiti more often. You will know actually, there is a strike in the sector of public... more »

Préval ignore les Haitiens de SantoDomingo

Au cours de la dernière visite du Président Préval à Santo Domingo, les observateurs s'attendaient... more »

The truth about Preval

Next time, you need to show more respect and more civility in your reply. Try to be more polite. Try to stay cool. I... more »

The truth about Preval 's first term

Can you even name the region or the department where the roads were built? How come the engineers did a so poor job... more »

19962001 20062011

The President you are talking about is the same guy who was President from 1996-2001 He was there already and the... more »

Overthrowing bad government.

The Haitian People has the right to overthrow any government that does not work on its behalf or fails to respect the... more »


President Preval has come to power with the help of Brazil and the Minustha. Under pressure the CEP violated its own... more »

Ignorance et Mauvaise Foi

Le Président Préval et son Premier Ministre sont des incapables. Ils n'ont pas pu arriver à monter une... more »

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