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Linda You get it right

I agree with every single word you wrote down; your answer couldn't be better than this; first of all, I just feel... more »

Listen to this Linda

Hi Linda, I truly understand what you mean regarding the whole prospect; be aware that leadership remains a gift. You... more »

Rene Preval good President

Lucien, I really thank you for your search, but it has nothing to do with him being president. His real issues do not... more »

I am used to talking like you Linda

The Duvalier left the country with a status; electricity was on 24 hours daily; there were no criminals, thefts or... more »

Bagay yo pa fete konsa

Bay peuple la manger kounie ya, yap retounin nan krangou immediatement. Nou bezoin structure, ki jan pou nou fait... more »

I am used to talking like you

After some deep thinking, I finally realize that the country needs Jean Claude Duvalier. I was born in 1959 under the... more »

Qui sont ces gens competents?

De 1986 a 2008, le pays glisse sur une pente perilleuse. Les leaders montrent leur faiblesse a tous les niveaux. Rene... more »

La revocation de tous les Ministres

President Preval doit changer son cabinet dans l'immediat. Certaines gens de son entourage comme le premier Ministre... more »

Are we brainless?

An island cannot be poor; it is defined as a land surrounded of water from everywhere. Jehovah, the creator of the... more »

Haitian steps up in the world of literature

Robert M. St Fleur has signed up a writing contract with PublishAmerica, one of the greatest books' publishers in the... more »

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