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H. CLinton Wishes Haiti Happy Independence day

Read the Letter here: more »

225000 Haitian Kids are forced into slavery

What should we do to stop it? Read the article and leave your comments on our site. Article: more »


Watch it, and leave your comments. Tell us what you think more »

Haitian network like facebook

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France Gives Guns to Haiti

France Gives Guns to the PNH. Watch full Video here: more »

Haitians getting paid to plant trees in HAITI

Haitians to get paid for planting trees in HAITI. more »

Wyclef became a free mason?

Do you think Wyclef converts to freemasonry just like Jay-z and others? Watch his new video here: more »

Remembering Maurice Sixto and have a good laugh

Listen To Maurice Sixto now by clicking on the Floowing link: more »

A Warrior's Passage BOOK by Haitian Author

Check it out guys. To learn more visit more »

Jamaican Fishermen face Drug Charges in Haiti

To read the article visit BRAND NEW section. Please Guys don't forget to support us. We need one... more »

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