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Montresor 2011 Vision Beyond Imagination For A New Haiti

"When preparation meets with timing opportunity excels" MY ECONOMIC PLANS TO REVIVE... more »

Montresor 2011 Trackable Mail and CCmail to Preval

Haitian Embassy Haitian Ambassador to the U.S. Raymond Alcide Joseph 2311 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C... more »

Does Haitians deserve a Good Capable President?

Montresor 2011 responding an online chat Someone said to me don't forget to file with CEP on the 7 is the last day... more »

Montresor 2011 implores a response of his intent letter from Preval.

7/29//2010 President Rene G. Preval Port-au-Prince, Haiti Dear President Rene G. Preval, On behalf of the Haitian... more »

Montresor 2011 will not violet the Constitution unless he obtains a waiver:

My fellow Haitians, I have to admit after several attempts to negotiate, prepare the way for my Presidential candidacy... more »

Montresor 2011 Farewell of UN Forces withdraws in 2011.

Fellow Haitian Patriots, Haiti's Independence Clock is ticking as we purpose to finish strong. Welcome SPN D'Haiti... more »

Montresor 2011 Need a Historic Financial Miracle by Friday 6/26/2010

Monday, June 21, 2010 My Fellow Haitian Patriots everywhere, "To whom much is given much is required." A strong leader... more »

Montresor 2011 to enforce intellectual Protection's under NAFTA.

Dear Haitians and International Communities, My demands to your attention will be the following below; What are NAFTA... more »

Time to save Haiti's Future From Pharaohs.

Patriots we can't let them have our country. God is with Haiti, so Pharaoh let my people go. more »

No more penury regime thinkers in Haiti, by Montresor 2011

Should Aristide and Duvalier go back to Haiti? The answer is no. Be honest to your selves as Haitians we need to place... more »

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