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Montresor 2011 campaign news and updates.

My Fellow Haitians and Friends of Haiti, Many years a go I got the call in my heart with the vision to seek after a... more »

Tour Updates by Montresor 2011

My Fellow Haitians, Today we got in Chicago ahead of scheduled around 12:45 pm and stop by the Haitian Embassy... more »

Montresor 2011 Tour Updates

My Fellow Friends, Right now we are driving the monument to Chicago and stop for gas and rest for a bit in Lynchville... more »

Montresor 2011 Address to The Nation Haiti

Salutation Frem ak sem, Compatriots, patou dan le monde et en Haiti mwen ak fitu premire dam repiblik la mete ke nou... more »

Cleo, If you support that idea then you will support I...

Cleo, If you support that idea then you will support I (Montresor) for President of Haiti in 2011 because my vision... more »

Montresor 2011 to Address The Nation

My Fellow Patriots in Haiti and abroad, I (Montresor) will address the Nation by video broadcast via YouTube on Sunday... more »

Montresor 2011 Campaign Updates

My fellow Haitians, It is with great honor to present to you with much thanks and gratitude for your contributions... more »

On the News Today Tested Crime Tracking Systems. more »

The Laws of Seed Time and Harvest!

My Fellow Friends, I believe Anew Haiti is possible but not until we Haitians fully understand the laws of "Seed... more »

Haiti Start Anew in 2011

Haiti One Nation, Under God! montresor2011 at more »

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