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Moun moin yo comom nou ye?

What is it mean when someone wrote your name on eggs than throw it in front of your door step? This Haitian brother at... more »

Ayiti prier trop!

Ayiti prier trop nou pap cham change pasque sel sa nou fe ce prie. more »

How was Haiti beside pond neuf?

I'm thinking of visiting Haiti do you think is safe now? I'm still going anyway but I would like to known ton avis? more »


Despite all of this craziness that are going on in Haiti, I'm planning on moving back next year. IF YOU HAD ONE THING... more »

looking Above for 1804

I can fee you pain! Life in US for black is almost the same as life for the Haitian in Haiti. Well, offcouse with a... more »

I propose we chat not get mad

We are getting somewhere! What's question without answer? What's answer without question? You are absolutely right I... more »

looking Above for 1804

My dear, I didn't mean to offend you by any mean and you are absolutely right "one must plane prior to run for any... more »

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