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A Black Can Be Better

Rien au monde n'est plus repugnant qu'un negre se sent celbre dans l'ignorance. Rien au monde n'est plus laid qu'un... more »

rien n'est plus repugnant qu'un negre se sent celebre dans l'ignorance

Edmond Mulet qualifie de "ridicule" l'implication présumée dans l'insécurité de la MINUSTAH à... more »

The Messenger has delivered. Word up!

The Messenger has delivered. Word Up! more »

Should we believe this crap? Here is the NY's corporated Corporations!

I have stolen 150 city buses (and lots of trains), boasts mass-transit menace Darius McCollum BY Ryan Strong and Dave... more »

The Power Of Knowledge by Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., The C.R.J.

"Gwo Gwo Lougawou Modern" have made my CHILDREN very special ones in The Circle. Because of the quality of such... more »

A Very Rich KING Qui N'est Pas Eclaire is Worse Than a Brain Tumor

The nightmare the most horrible is when your ordinary peaceful night invaded by the command odorific, the... more »

The Same Cause Produces The Same Effects

While The Great Dark Knight Toussaint Louverture was held at "Fort de Joux", in France, The French rushed to well... more »

To catch a "lougawou" in Haiti, one had to deal with leaves...

To catch a "lougawou" in Haiti, one had to deal with leaves, prayers, and some chemicals products. But to catch a "Gwo... more »

Gwo Lougawou Modern Has a Very Apocalyptic Odd Defense When They Get Caug

"Gwo Lougawou" modern have a very apocalyptic odd defense, especially when they get caught right in the middle of... more »

Message of Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a/k/a The C.R.J. To the Haitian People

To The Haitian People: If My Great God did really believe The Haitian People were all ZOMBIE, he would have gotten all... more »

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