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May 14th Doesn't Exist in President Preval's Agenda

It is not an obligation for President Rene Garcia Preval to siege through May 14th. Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a.... more »

The worst Ignorant!

The worst ignorant is the ONE... that doesn't believe The Great Almighty GOD... exists. Lavaud Hold Desmoulins... more »

The Great Day!

Somebody is coming while somebody else is leaving; rather coming than leaving! Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., The... more »

5 Mars 2011 jou map andose Kandida Manigat ou Martelly

5 Mars 2011, mwen chwazi jou sa pou mwen fe pep Ayisyen konnen ki kandida ke mwen sipote entre Mirlande Hyppolite... more »

Gangs in Haiti? Tell the truth about them!

The gangs in Haiti are controllable. The main issue here is the presence of the MINUS - TAH and the appearance of the... more »

The Holly Man took the WORD to the LIMIT as he was instructed to do so!

When time has come for certain experiments, how very well a man should master it if he has not see it coming? 2010 was... more »

Tek Bor Ron'n. Step 10. The 3rd Test Inside The Ron'n. A Waiting Date!

Tek Bor Ron'n. Step 10. The 3rd Test Inside The Ron'n. A Waiting Date! (From Now to December 30th) L'OEA attend les... more »

Merry Christmas!

My Great God-- the biological father of all Dark Knights, all Passengers, and all philosopher kings-- could have... more »

Tek Bor Ron'n Step 10 The 2nd Test Inside The Ron'n: The Dust by old rats

Des Sénateurs, des dirigeants de l'opposition et de la société civile appellent à l'annulation des... more »

Tek Bor Ron'n. Step 9. The Real Menace. The Prelude...

Tek Bor Ron'n. Step 8. The Real Menace. The Prelude... Une association de vodouisants menace de passer a l'offensive... more »

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