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T L i believe

if la gonave was part of haiti, the government would count it as part of haiti instead of ignoring it right. none of... more »

lets wait and see

politic is act you are, when you not. act you not, when you are. talking of you know who, they like when others do... more »

ya pipppo true

but for people to get to la gonave they must go through p-a-p first, so if p-a-p is paralize so those la gonave. the... more »

right but i believe

la gonave be different. why? most of us work together, understand each other. reason i think it should be independent... more »

question for all

question for all haitians (gonavians) who are from la gonave. how many of us think la gonave need to become... more »

i agree with mark

last time i check nobody want to invest in places where bomds are falling on a daily basis, maybe we living in another... more »

pou afer coroption de la polis

mwen panse ke tout moun ki vle vin polis an haiti te dre pran class de criminel justice, pou yo ka respecte la lwa... more »

mwen compran min

gouvernment pap ka fer tout bagay pou kont yo, yo bezwen support pep haitien yan, okin'n preziden papka change haiti... more »

correction on bwavo pipppo

i dont know what happen to (l'union fait la force) kote l'union?. san l'union pagin force more »

bwavo pipppo ou pap santi'w lakay si'w pa lakay

its just that some of us. afraid to say where we from. because others might think we are bad and so poor, but we are... more »

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