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sister you know

if you are a proud haitian you should celebrate our flag day. the way you feel is exactly how babylon want us all to... more »

i know what they doing

they just trying to make us ashame of our originality, make us feel humiliated, but i wont because i know who we are... more »

why is that?

it seems like now the people of haiti have a new name "slum dwellers". i was reading the news about chavez visit to... more »

jean b. again agree

if we can, thats a great idea. i think we should all try to help the poor kids. lets try to buy school supplies for... more »

jean bat... i agree

you know, i agree with you. and yes i wanna go back home to help my country but the thing is, is our government ready... more »

do anyone believe thats

do yall believe that was mr preval for real. i dont believe that was him, but if it was sir we the haitians whom are... more »

ha ha ha. rene G preval

i can tell this is not Mr preval, president dont request the people, they ask the people politely. i request is a... more »

kid on the block

you know i couldn't agree with more. i would like to know who the f?ck come up with that last name for haiti."THE... more »

bwakajou respect your thought

after reading your first couple sentenses i was piss until i read further. i thought you believe that if the first... more »

who believe that

we the haitian people need to stop overthrowing our government, and let them finish their terms. dont listen to... more »

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