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robert M. i completely

i agree with 100% the reason that haiti is suffering today is because some countries are shameless specially those... more »

its not that i want to wait

all we want is for the government to make an account number available to us where we can just go make donations... more »

you are right man

the haitian government should talk to us the diasporas before they go beg other nations. thats why others have no... more »

i think that will help haiti

tell me what ya think. i think we the diaspora's can make haiti move foward without begging other nations to help us... more »

about keeping the street in haiti clean

brother i agree with you, the government should play their role on doing that, they can also make money doing it. by... more »

promoting haiti's beaches

all of you guys lets try to promote haiti's beaches and all other nice places that ya can get a picture of. i already... more »

francois those country

those whom are discriminating against our people are just shameless because haiti is the one that help most of them to... more »

mwen anvi al haiti

mwen anvi al haiti poum pale avek pep la gonave yo. pou yo pa paticipe ( vote) nan okinn elecsion (election) toutan la... more »

bravo anpil bravo jacob

i completely agree with you jacob. a lot of people dont know what is behind haiti's struggle, they still haven't open... more »

mr president. hi

how are you doing? i hope you doing ok. well i would like to give you my opinion hopefully its is helpful. 1. i think... more »

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