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our police force

the haitian police force really need to be polite. being polite will help out during investigations. because the... more »

fry philip fry his a..

why should any haitian on there right mind help guy philip. i'll say fry his a.., thats what happen when you make a... more »

ha ha ha. what you being sipping on?

saying aristide was a criminal is like saying more than 90% of haiti are criminals. well you have the right to your... more »

aristide aristide aristide

guys aristide was the smartest president haiti ever had. ya need to stop falling for the propaganda of other... more »

more improvement is needed

i myself been posting a lot of ideas that others believe are great ideas. i read alot of great ideas people post on... more »

thanks for the agreement about the spy agency

i believe it would work because people act different when they don't know who's looking. hope mr preval have someone... more »

need spy to help haiti

i think haiti should creat a spy agency to help the country stabalize. spend some money to get equipment to earsdrop... more »

did anybody read about guy philipe

i was reading the news i heard he got arested by DEA and haitian national police. yap they always say what goes around... more »

ya know something.

for the army to rebuild they most change the chain of command. they should put the president first go by what the... more »

happy flag day my people

as we celebrate our flag day we all should take a momment to think about our furture, and remember those who fall for... more »

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