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Retour de Duvalier/ Duvalier's return

English follows. Je me demande vraiment pourquoi Jean-Claude Duvalier est retourné en Haïti actuellement... more »

I think it should be in the second city Cap-haitien.

I think it should be in the second city Cap-haitien. more »

about haiti

President preval. what are you doing for the country. It's like you just sitting down and let the haitian citizen... more »

Salut mon president c'est Jimmy

Mr. le president de la republique d'Haiti je veux savoir pourquoi jeremie n'est jamais benefique parmis tous les... more »

What is a deception ?

It is quite clear to a minority of clairvoyant haitians that historically there were two great presidents in all of... more »

For a better Haiti

From what I see,so far you are doing a very good job going after corruptions and drug dealers.However I can not... more »

How to clean our country!

My name is jimmy.I am a student in florida college.My major is mechanic.My goal is to built some mechanic shop around... more »

how to built job in haiti?

Hi Mr.Preval.I am glad for your well doing in the country so for. I think you trully the man for our country. You are... more »

Bonjour Mr. Le President

Hi Mr. President,I want you to check out this web site shakaitutu.com You doing a good job in Haiti. Keep up the good... more »

l'espoir pour haiti

monsieur le président c'est un honneur pour moi de pouvoir t'écrire. j'aimerais bien voir cet espoir pour... more »

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