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There is no future without knowing our past

I do not speak of going back to Papa Doc. What I call for is that we draw on his many accomplishments, and model after... more »

Ensuring rights of our people is Haiti's future

What you say about communism, dosen't make any sense. You talk about "creating an oportunity for our citizens, educate... more »

Right On Zabelboc

I agree with the innovations that Brother Zabelboc calls for. Any educated person will see that this is what Haiti... more »

You are ignorant brother

To start off the highway that I speak of is the second national highway which connects the capital to the south in... more »

I wouldn't call him the last hope

I happen to not agree with brother Salamon. I belive that our hope lies within ourselves. For us Haitian people to... more »

Working men of Haiti unite!

I agree. Even though our nation's funds have been robbed by France in 1825, Under government regimes such as that of... more »

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