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security is the responsibility of the government

I never said he was the problem, he's clearly not the solution either. And yes a country cannot be developed by a... more »

All this debating won't get us anywhere

I'm gonna stop coming to this weg page, because a brother will go mad from reading these comments. ESKE PREVAL PAT DI... more »

Mr. Alexis has been nothing but trouble

Il avait créé des problèmes dès le début. dès qu'il a été nommé premier... more »

He's been causing trouble from the start

Mr. Alexis has been causing trouble from the start. When he was first appointed Prime minister he began to quarrel... more »

who's side is she on

Maxime waters went to haiti last week, She made no comment on the security situation. Yet when Gerard Latortue was... more »

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