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Duvalier Stolen Cash Is Going Back To Haiti

Today the Swiss government announced that they will return a call all Duvalier's Stolen money back to Haiti. The New... more »

Haiti Goverment Dont Know Earthquake Death Count

This looks really bad, Rene Preval tole the press, 270,000 Haitian people died in the Haitian earthquake. Then... more »

Rene Preval Meeting with Mexico and Caricom

President of Haiti Rene Preval is expected to attend the Summit of Mexico and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to... more »

Haiti Dominican Ties Improve After Earthquake

Since the Haiti earthquake the relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic has improved greatly. Read the... more »

Temporary Haitian Government Headquarters

Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, pledged a $12 million to help build a temporary government Center in... more »

President Nicolas Sarkozy Is In Haiti

President Sarkozy is in Haiti, he just arrived! French President Nicolas Sarkozy has just landed in Haiti. This is the... more »

Haiti news: Haitian President To Be Honored In Mia

Haitian President Rene Preval and the secretary general of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza... more »

Paris Club lenders cancel Haiti debt

Suddenly everybody seems to be forgiving Haiti's Debt The Paris Club of creditor nations canceled $62.73 million of... more »

Lescouflair la dérive des petits chefs...

Pas de visas pour les athlètes haïtiens sans l'aval du ministère des sports. C'est ainsi que... more »

Father Gerard Jean-Juste Is Dead

Father Gerard Jean-Juste died in Miami Yesterday, May 27, 2009, after suffering from a stroke. haitianinternet.com... more »

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