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Haiti Must Become Free of Foreign Inteference

Haiti Must Become Free of Foreign Interference. Those who invited the UN troops to Haiti should be tried for HIGH... more »

Haiti Black Code: Brutal Conditions of Slavery

Le Code Noir (transl. The Black Code), was a decree passed by France's King Louis XIV in 1685. The Code Noir ordered... more »


In Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide used violence, corruption, and drug trafficking for profit coupled with electoral... more »

Immediate After Effects of the Haitian Revolution

Immediate After Effects of the Haitian revolution 1. African people all over the world are inspired to fight harder... more »

Let Us Celebrate Bwo Kay Iman Friday 14 August 2009

White supremacists were aware that African spiritual beliefs were one of the major factors leading to the success of... more »

Haiti morally bankrupt: A qui la faute?

A qui la faute? Que fait un mineur de quatorze ans dans les rues de Port-au-Prince à 11h00 du soir? Semble-t-il que... more »

Mesi Pou koutmen'a.

Mon cher President, Mesi bokou pou ti repo ou bay moun sou zafe KIDNAPING saaa. Ou fe devwa'w konm prezidan. Une fois... more »

Preval Has a Chance to Invite Diaspora back

Preval needs to learn from what other small countries have done like Dominican Rep, Denmark, Switzerlad. That is to... more »

Did anyone watch the Rene Preval Inauguration?

I was so busy with mother's day that I didn't get a change to watch the rene preval inauguration. Anyone got a change... more »

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