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Mezv Family priorly known as Mezvinsky Is Responsible For Haiti's Suffering

Home > Rene Preval Blog > Mevs Family's Answers To All American Emissaries or Special Envoys In Haiti To shut up all... more »

Titid Se Sel Solisyon Lobey Nan Zeleksyon 2010 Yo

We pa we e vle pa vle, 7 Fevriye 2011 se retou yon gwo kokenn chenn Ayisyen ki remplase Fignole, leader ke moun pa ka... more »

Fritz Mezv priorly known as Mezvinsky and Marc Mezvinsky Are Related...

Mezvinsky Family as known as Mezv in Haiti is now connected to Marc Mevzvinsky who is Chelsea Clinton's new husband... more »

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