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Where are my progressive educated brothers?

Where are my progressive educated brothers? We must set aside any political barriers for a common good. WE the... more »


Aristide that piece of human waste. His little turkey neck I so despratley want to snap. HIm and the rest of his... more »

Brother L.k.'s suggestions

My list for Haitian people. As far as I'm concerned there are no Haitian leaders. No real Haitian Government exists in... more »

Vodou religon of our ancestors

Come on my Haitian brother. Santanic Cult. The real satans on this earth are those organized religons. Christanity... more »

To all the real HAITIAN posters

We seem to have some fustrated red-neck called unkown, who post always in capital letters for some reason or another... more »

right on

right on Brother. Thats what i'm talking about. more »

South American Unification?

I do not belive we should get rid of French as our official language. I think that French and Creole is sufficent. Not... more »

Why do yu post under unkown like a coward. You are just the...

why do yu post under unkown like a coward. You are just the next fustrated cracker on the block who can't do anything... more »

To hell with France

I agree with you brothr that France should not set their foot in Ayiti. I hate them a much as Dessalines. But who are... more »

Man close your uneducated mouth.

man close your uneducated mouth. more »

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