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To Ajane anf His Father

Mr. Observer Keen, Although a comment can be retracted, the hurt that is done cannot be undone. You are right, Mr... more »

No headline because Ajane in an Air-head

Ajane, For someone who claims you're working on a PhD, you're hopeless. You either love to play stupid games to get... more »

Frmer Pres AristidPres Elect Preval Ajane Haiti

Ajane, Aristid is no longer the president of Haiti! Stop ranting! Do you have concrete evidence of his $800M or are... more »

Ph.D. as in?

Filozof kel ye. Ajane se you filozof We must stand against people like Ajane who would do anything to denigrate anyone... more »

What a naivety!

There is a new definition for Ph.D. according to the "Ajane Dictionary": illogical and brainless. A liar will always... more »


Observer Keen, I have just these few words for you: Thank you for speaking on my behalf and on behalf of all Haitians... more »

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