I'd like to live in my country

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I am an haitian student in Colombia I just complete my study a degree in CRINOLOGY(FORENSIC CIENCE) I am pretty good at criminal justice and would like to go back to my loving country to help the Police force(PNH)I speak and write real good four lnguages(French, Creole,English & Spanish).

His excelency I'd like to know what do I need to do?

someone told me that I do need a Godfather even though I am highly qualified.

Please help!!!!

My phone in Bogota: Home 571-483-0712
Mobile 57-312-400-2026
e-mai jhopiton2 [at] yahoo.com

Louis-jean Pierre, December 29 2006, 5:44 PM

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Jolibois Selondieu, 29-Dec-06 6:18 pm
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Robert P. Toussaint, 30-Dec-06 2:16 pm
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Louis-j. Pierre, 31-Dec-06 6:27 pm
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Louis-j Pierre, 31-Dec-06 6:40 pm
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Jolibois Selondieu, 31-Dec-06 6:50 pm
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Pierre, 1-Feb-07 12:50 pm
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Jean Batiste, 1-Feb-07 2:41 pm


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