DOREMI, I can not answer all your questions. this question of...

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DOREMI, I can not answer all your questions.

this question of homosexuality and morality is getting very nasty on this blogg.

That shows how we Haitians are divided on this with the great majority opposing this lifestyle.

- If I was sick and my life can only be saved by a gay practitioner, I will not refuse treatment.

_ To me, a person who was abused in any way shape or form and blames his homosexuality on the abuse is only making excuses.

My parents were very sticks and I got some serious "corrections" for poor school performance, playing soccer too much, calling adults names, fighting.

I was a very mischievous child.

Despite all these corrections, I do not direct my "weapon" to men, or try to get my "golf ball in the wrong hole! You know what I am talking about! I love women period.

If I make it to heaven I expect a couple things to be happy up there: a woman, rice and beans, shrimp and steak and lot of Kompa! All other men can go to hell!!
- So far there is no evidence that people are born gay. However I do believe it is possible.

The medical community does not have a clear answer on this matter.

Here is a website I find very interesting on the issue click here
_ Between Aristide, Duvalier and the designated Pm which one is more immoral?

I believe Aristide is. Here is why: he was a man of the church who preached against evil, yet did not practice what he preaches.

He stole more than any other president, his careless, and incompetent conduct in office brought more misery, his speeches create division and open the door for his followers to burn and ransack businesses, burn his opponents alive; yet, he kept quiet.

The Duvalier are immoral to the bones, but they are angels comparing to this evil creature, the old serpent of the bible, MR.Aristide.

The designated PM sexual preference is not a crime against nobody, whatever she did or is doing did not affect my life and will not affect our life. All we need is her competence, honesty, and the ability to do a good job.
Now you will say I was against her before! No I was not! If she can do the job and got the position fine! But I will still consider her behavior as immoral! Her bedroom is hers! She can have male or female in there.

But I do not think personally homosexual should be our leaders, should be priest, minister, pastor, president or prime minister.

Certain behaviors are not expected from people in high office: alcoholism, adultery, gambling, drug abuse, foul mouth, bribe, and of course homosexuality.

WE hold them in higher standard.

Who care if Linda's husband breaks Ti Rouge or Rosenberg spine for having an affair with her?

Who cares if Tiba is having a good time "plunging" a man in his basement and perforate his colon?

That would be a different story if a minister, priest, or president are caught doing these things! We, little people can get out of the "code of conduct" w/o notice, only a few people may suffer.

But our ministers, priests, teachers, professors, politicians are expected to "follow the code of conduct" at all time, because their behavior have an impact on our future, our children generations to come!

Please Doremi.

Stop your smart questions.

Give me a break!

Zarien Krab Spider, July 22 2008, 3:34 AM

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