As I had expected, it is the other party's fault (in this case...

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As I had expected, it is the other party's fault (in this case the government) in lieu of those (criminal elements) who are truly responsible.

There is no smoke without fire. Just last month, it was in world's news that the drug trade in haiti, now near a standstill, has taken a turn towards the supply of illigal weapons.

Haitians criminals have now diverted their trafficking from drugs to the bartering of illigal automatic weapons for marijuana.

Most of these weapons can be traced back to the haitian government; sold to the haitian government and issued as police type weapons.

Last month, a boatload of these weapons were seized in Jamaica by the JDF. Those weapons, that were brought to Jamaica by Haitian nationals, were to be traded for (GANJA) or marijuana.

According to published reports, many haitians who now live in the haitian (SHANTYTOWN) communities in Jamaica are active in the participation of the illigal trades.

Now think about it. Where in the world are haitians welcomed, certainly not in the Bahamas or Guadeloupe or Martinique.

Let us not even mention the Dominican Republic, and now, Jamaica has added its piece to this notch.

WHERE WILL IT STOP. Here in the USA, more emphasis for deportation is placed on haitians nationals than any other foreign group.

WHY. To those who say that haiti is a beautiful country, I say to you that you that you are all a buch of (SALOP) WHO HAVE NO BUSINESS LIVING AMONG THE DIASPORA since you love the Haiti as it now is. Though the many of you who have travelled in many other parts of this world know what cleanliness and beauty really, you still maintain that Haiti is the epitomy of what is considered as positive.

Call me whatever you want, oreo cookie, sou sou, blancomania, or whatever else but I beg of you not to get me wrong.

As a matter of principle and loyalty, I must admit that I do really love my country of birth, but I would love it much more if we could find much more competent people in the country to run it. As I see it, any competent Haitian who may be qualified to run Haiti must be from the upper class or (BOURGEOISIE) or from the (DIASPORA), as mentioned in one of my previous blogged comments.

This blog is my avenue to vent my frustrations.

As I see it, most of the inhabitants who occupy the land named Haiti is flushing it down the toilet.

I only wish that I could find a few who share the same sentiments as I to come together and implement a plan that may bring about the direly needed positive change.

We may even have to go to haiti and perhaps attempt to show those very resistent monkeys who now run the country, how to do things.

It may be a very long shot, but one well wort it. Being a Viet Nam veteran, I did my part in risking my life for the values of the good old USA. Now, I feel that I owe, what ever I have left to offer, towards the betterment of my native country.

We need to stop blaming everyone else and begin to look from within and do something about it. To those of you who really feel the way I do, I say to you, (IT IS ABOUT TIME FOR US TO GET TOGETHER AND WALK THE TALK).

Mario Mothersil, July 19 2008, 12:00 PM


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