Hello Ti-Rouge; You need to elevate your academic level before...

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Hello Ti-Rouge; You need to elevate your academic level before you can subjectively judge anyone on the ongoing issues, especially as they pertain to Haiti.

Nevertheless, a cursory assessment of your writing skills is enough to infer that you are of a lower academic level than I originally thought and I have to kick myself in the head for not seeing this earlier.

Anyone who turns a valid argument into a subjective personal vandetta really has no basis to defend his/her views on the issues other than (JOURE MOUN).

For example, I gave some opinions on the Haitian psyche which is in dire need of a radical change for the better.

Your reply is: Haitians are good people, Haiti is beautiful, haitians are being manipulated by OTHERS; I gave some (subliminal) opinions on administration "savoir faire" hoping for a better outlook of the country, your response is, haitians are being brainwashed by the others this is why the country is the way it is; If I were to bring forth the argument on why the richest continent on earth, (Africa) also have the poorest people on earth, many of whom spend their times killing each other, your response would be: the white man is responsible, because we (blacks) are programmed, from slavery, by the white man to do what we do. If you are correct by blaming everyone else but yourself and whites are able to manipulate blacks to such extent as to cause blacks to kill each other, as is currently the case, to some extent, in Haiti (KIDNAPPING ASSASSINATION OF SMALL CHILDREN), is it not logical to infer that the whites are of a much higher intellectual caliber than the blacks.

Anyone who can manipulate your household to the point of turning your spouse and children against you should be considered as being superior to you, thus, much smarter than the head of household.

Being a Haitian, and I repeat:(of IRISH ANCESTRY) I am well aware of the haitian (modus operandi) of turning a valid argument into a subjective vilification of the opposing view/party.

This is the trademark of a true haitian/ignoramus who always make attempts of intellectualization at the expense of academia.


Oh, by the way, I will be glad to give you an insight on my C.V. if you know what that is. I will give you documented verification of my academic achievements, military background, employment history and salary level, etc...If I give you all of the information, you may not be so quick at judging me as you have done.

To all the coherent OTHER READERS who sail through this blog, I continue with the following: Remember I gave you the example of Rwanda about 14 years ago where two tribes, of the same nationality, were at odd, One of the tribes was responsible for the genocide (of more than one million people) of the other tribe within a 30 day period?, remember, most of these people were killed with machetes.

Imagine what would have happened if the agressors were armed with machine guns or other weapons of mass destruction?.

Now, let us address some current issues as they pertain to Haiti; 1-The real single element that is keeping Haiti afloat financially, socially, and otherwise is the diaspora.

those who collectively send approximately 2 billion dollars to haiti each year. However, in recent years, being a "DIASPORA" has recently become a cliche for insult, as many of us are well aware.

Those in Haiti beg us for our hard earned money but they do not need our input in the country's internal affairs.

They fail to realize that the diaspora which comprises of haitian achievers: lawyers, doctors; university professors, technocrats and other professionals is the only remaining valid asset Haiti has if it has to regain its protocol and dignity in the world.

Without first looking at ourselves while blaming everyone else has yet to yield, and without a doubt will never achieve any good results.

2-The issue of double nationality has been ongoing for the past 15 years, to this day, still an ongoing issue.

3-When you go to any government or private entity to take care of an ongoing matter or business, the BROTHERS who are there to assist the clients quickly cater to the whites and/or the mulattos, while the majority of clients who may have been there for a long while wait, hoping for a resolve.

VALID EXAMPLE> My friend could not get his car out of haitian customs (DEDOUANNE).

He called me here in the US, I called a (PETITE MULATRESSE) in haiti and told her what i wanted, My petite mulatresse made a call to the BROTHER who was in charge of releasing merchandise and:BINGO, my friend's car was out of haitian customs expeditiously and hardly paid any money.

5-For as long as I can remember, everyone has always been complaining about public corruption.

Now that we have Claudy Gassant who is attempting to rid the government establishments of corruption, all of a sudden, he has become a very bad apple in Haitian politics.

6- Haiti has been without a government for more than 3 months because those who comprise the haitian parliament (LA CHAMBRE) refuse to ratify the candidates sent to them by the president.

Reasons for non-ratification, purely idiotic.

some of the excuses are: double nationality; homosexuality; different names in archived documents; etc...

I would not be surprised if big nose, fat lips, and kinky hair would also be a catalyst for further no-ratification of prime minister candidates.

I am of the firm belief that one criterion a candidate must have for guaranteed ratification by the haitian parliament is to guarantee the funnelling of large sums of money into the pockets of parliament members.

Nevermind the collective welfare and benefits of the country, "as long as I get mine".I can go on, but I think that most of you get the idea. As I said before, being in this country since the age of 7, while also visiting several other countries while in US government service, I can see the clear similarity of behavior between Haitians and blacks from all of the other countries that I have visited, including blacks in the USA. WE ARE ALL THE SAME.-
To be completely honest, I am frustrated by all of the irrational nonsense that goes on in my country of birth.

I am a haitian american who, after 25 years of US government service and about to retire, would like to go back to my home to appreciate what I never had a chance to enjoy.

My biggest weakness is to say it clearly as I see it. I am, however, open minded and ready to listen and discuss the issues with a sound mind with anyone who may see the issues differently from my views.

Mario Mothersil, July 18 2008, 11:32 PM

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