Yes, Haiti is a beautiful country. Oh what a country, a...

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Yes, Haiti is a beautiful country.

Oh what a country, a country full of "FATRAS, DISEASES and INSALUBRITE".

This is why so many Haitians who claim to be "HAITIMANIACS" have come to adopt the good USA as our place of residence because it is clean from FATRAS, safe from the ZINGLINDO and the KIDNAPPINGS and we are all able to eat 3 square meals a day after a good day's of work. Also as you apparently disagree with me, it is not the white man who brought the USA into what it is today: most powerful country on earth, the most organized, the wealthiest, it is the Black man, as ourselves, haitians, who has had the ability to bring this country, the USA, into what it is today.

Our managerial skills are sought everywhere on earth as a result of our efficiency, as evidenced by our beautiful country.

Haiti is the epitomi of positive energy.

As for tourism, informational research obtained from the "INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM OF CROIX DES BOSSALS IN HAITI" shows that the overwhelming majority of the world's tourists would rather visit CROIX DES BOSSALS, CITE SOLEIL, AMBAS LAVILLE in Haiti than visiting the Louvre or Bahrain, paradise island or Punta Cana, or even in Ocho Rios. We are so overwhelmed with visitors that we do not know what to do with the excess number of tourists.

The new generation haitians who are born in the USA or the Bahamas or anywhere else are very quick to identify themselves as having haitian parents because they are so tired of giving our autographs as a result of their background.

As you have said, I am now a convert, from a "WHITE CREAMED" oreo cookie to a "CHOCOLATE CREAMED" oreo cookie.

Oh, I forgot, most of us,"WHITE MAN HATERS" would rather hide inside a hole in the ground, here in the USA, for months on ends if we even think of the possibility of being sent back to our beautiful motherland.


We spend years begging the american "BLACK MAN" for his little GREEN CARD, WHY?.

Also, you know for a fact that without the BLACK MAN, be he from EUROPE, AMERICA, ASIA, OR EVEN SYRIA, Haiti would become another RWANDA: Remember RWANDA about 14 years ago?.

need i say more?.

Yes we should all be very proud of our "BEAUTIFUL, SAFE and INDEPENDANT" country, a country now occupied mostly by South Americans because Haiti, now considered as Hmmmmmm, let me see: the antithesis of an "EPAVE or LAWLESSNESS", a country so full of positive energy that it has to be held back by the "BLACK MAN" for fear that it may never be caught up with in social and technological advancement.

With the above said, I hope to have fulfilled your requirement of reverting back to being a "CHOCOLATE CREAMED" oreo cookie.

However, I still think that It is you who need to get your head out of the sands, or else, the cycle will continue with your future generations as subserviants of the "MAN".

Mario Mothersil, July 18 2008, 4:26 PM

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Yes, Haiti is a beautiful country. Oh what a country, a country full of "FATRAS, DISEASES and INSALUBRITE". This is... read more >
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Mario Mothersil, 19-Jul-08 12:06 am
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