"The money, provided by the U.S. government, has been...

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"The money, provided by the U.S. government, has been earmarked for projects that would increase food production, expand the textile industry, leverage remittances for health insurance, housing and student loans as well as encourage Haitian-Americans to lend their expertise and dollars for economic development and investment."

Every penny of that money should be spent on infrastructure projects.

Water, electricity, communications, sewage, armed security, and transportation.

The diaspora are not very experienced in these critical areas.

Until these areas are fully addressed, Haiti will not progress regardless of the amounts of money spent.

These critical areas are grunt work and there are plenty of Haitians capable of building these faciltiies with proper training and direction.

The diaspora, expecially the young, have fully adopted the social agenda of the Northeast liberals and spend their time focused on gay rights, abortion, feminism, and the like. Construction work is just not their thing.

Haiti needs American, British, Italian, French and German engineers to manage these specific projects.

Haiti doesn't need an influx of socially liberal elitists (Madame Pierre-Louis) like the diaspora showing up with their pompous, eltiist, attitudes and espousing their social agenda (like Pierre-Louis).

Haiti doesn't need this $170 million turned over to Preval/Soros but should manage all funds distribution without the Haitian government.

Only then, and only then, will Haitians begin to see an improvement in their daily lives.

George Grunner, July 18 2008, 10:39 AM

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