Michèle Pierre Louis: My Aunt Has Been Ratified

Ronald Duvivier Says...

This is a victory for the Haitian people.

My aunt is a very dedicated woman with a lot of conviction to help Haiti.

I am packing my bag, and I'll be on the first morning flight out to Port-au-Prince.

Mr. Preval has made an excellent choice, and I see a bright future for Haiti.

I'll be serving as counsel to the prime minister.

I'd like to reassure the Haitian people that the newly ratified prime minister is very rational and partial in her judgement.

Please support the newly ratified prime minister with the difficult challenges ahead.

Vive Haiti!

Posted July 17 2008 at 9:54 PM

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See! This Is What Is Wrong With Haitian. Now, Beacause Your Aunt Is The Prime Minister, You Think You Qualify For The Job Of Adviser To Be On The Pay Roll Created By Your Aunt Position. My Beautiful Country: Haiti Will... Jean-claude Meus 02/20/2009
Dear Ronald Duvivier, I Am Happy For You That Your Aunt Is Now PM. As I Stated Before, From What I Read About Her, She Seems To Have Been Doing Good Work For The Haitian People. However, It Remains To Be Seen If She... Linda. 07/26/2008
Ronald, Calm Down My Friend! Your Aunt Is Just Another Incompetent And Mediocre Who Is Now Officially Joining The Rest Of The Bunch. Vive Haiti For Your Aunt And For Yourself As Her Personal Counselor. I Don't... Ti Ba 07/26/2008
I Am Also Very Happy For You And Your Aunt. I Am Hopeful That She Will Make A Great Prime Minister And That You Will Give Her Good Counsel. She Is Also Responsible For Approving Adoptions. I Have Been Waiting Patiently... Paul Cormier 07/26/2008
You Are Right: This Is A Victory For The Homosexual Of Haiti. Haitian People Dislike Homosexuals. It's Unfortunate That Steven Benoit( Ti Mademoiselle Petion Ville La ), Your Aunt, And Other Ma-Si-Si Will Continue To... Ben Anilus 07/17/2008
Ouais, Eh Bien D'accord Donc Mon Vieux. Je Vous Souhaite Bonne Chance Et Prospérité. Votre Première Tâche Est La Suivante: Faites-Nous Fiers Et Vous Pourriez Peut-être Même La Conseiller Sur Le Désir De Ceux Qui... Wilgeens Rosenberg 07/17/2008
This Is A Victory For The Haitian People. My Aunt Is A Very Dedicated Woman With A Lot Of Conviction To Help Haiti. I Am Packing My Bag, And I'll Be On The First Morning Flight Out To Port-Au-Prince. Mr. Preval Has... Ronald Duvivier 07/17/2008