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By Wilgeens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

"The future is not a gift; it is an achievement.

Every generation helps make its own future.

This is the essential challenge of the present." Robert F. Kennedy.

Arrogance, pride and ignorance has cost many the joy of victorious battle that could have easily been won with grace or settled with humility.

Thus ego is often the every element which causes one or many to never wish and learn to put aside their differences, hatred and resentments to think outside the box and to march toward a common goal, "the" greater goal. The overhauling of the national police force is the key to providing adequate security to allow room for progression economically and socially to advance and grow. Haiti's economical future begins with a secure Haiti, Haiti's social success begins with a secure Haiti and lastly Haiti's political rest beings with a secure Haiti.

What is and what I find to be more brainwashed for most Haitian is, the fact that they have given into the hopelessness of possibility and passion change, hope as a brave Nation and people we once were and had.

P.S: "At times peace is or can be a lie, but truly here is only passion and hope. So through one's dream and passion one gains strength, through strength and will one gains power, through power and persistence one gains victory and through victory one's chains are broken.

Thus those are the Forces which and shall free thee." -- The Sith Code.

Will Rosenberg, July 17 2008, 7:51 PM

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